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All of your mail is tracked as it is being processed at our facility as well as after it leaves. This allows your company to better manage call centers and billing departments.
We are a leading provider of fulfillment services, tailored to each client's individual needs. Save time and money by outsourcing your order fulfillment to us!
Are you a Healthcare provider looking to outsource your letter mail? We specialize in sending HIPAA compliant letter mail for companies in the healthcare industry.

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Are you a Healthcare provider looking to outsouce your HIPAA compliant letter mail? Reduce your costs and increase the speed of delivery by outsourcing your HIPAA compliant Member and Provider mailings to Kaleidoscope Services. We are a full service mailhouse providing HIPAA compliant print and letter mail services to hospitals, clinics, medical practices, and government agencys nationwide. Kaleidoscope and its entire staff are in full compliance with all Federal HIPAA Privacy Regulations. Our quality assurance process ensures that electronic and printed data remains secure throughout all print and mail operations. Call today for a free quote and see why companies nationwide outsource their HIPAA compliant letter mailing to Kaleidoscope!